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Anu V Security Services feels proud in stating that we offer all the said services at very competitive rates, which can be compared by all leading and non-leading security providers. In addition to make our servicemen exhibit professionalism we conduct round the clock monitoring at all our posts/site by our Vigilance Checks, Night Rounder, Surprise Raids by our Companies Top Officials and Supervisors for both Security jobs. If any personnel is found to be not performing his Duty as projected the incumbent is replaced with immediate effect followed by disciplinary action against him/her. Anu V Security Services have raised its plethora of services by extending its capacity in full throttle through its sister concerned company LAXMI SECURITY SERVICES which was created in the year 2000.

Our Motto

Our motto is to utilize our efficient manpower for corporate event, electronic and personnel security to excel in our line of work and build our prowess in this field to extend our services globally.

We are a profitable organization which :-

1. Provides the most competent security services.
2. Anticipates and meets changing customers needs.
3. Plans and executes ‘turnkey’ security projects.
4. Has long term relationship with our customers.
5. Make maximum use of new technologies.
6. Satisfies all who have faith in the company.
7. Value and develop our staff.


Industrial Security

Industrial Security for which we train our Security Guards/Personnel according to your Companies requirements and are cultured with many other General skills like Fire fighting, self defense and other safety measures, which plays an imperative role in Industrial Security.

Event Security

We provide Security network for various Events and Seminars. In such cases we provide trained personnel to handle the huge turnout of the people that are expected during such happening. These Guards are also well known with frisking techniques and equipped with Metal Detectors and related equipments.

Individual / VIP Security

As in today's contemporary World with the increase in crime rate of Organized Crime network every 'Prominent' personality / individual feels insecure, we present them with Personal Bodyguards who in turn are highly qualified / Trained to give them best of the shield and fortification from all such odds. These Bodyguards are especially trained in defences and are properly equipped to handle catastrophe.

Electronic Security

We provide Electronic Security Systems, which are Highly Sophisticated Devices like Electronic Door Alarms, Fire Alarms, Metal detectors & Electronic Gadgets like CCTV to monitor post, Auto pumps etc. We are collaborated with Indian and International Companies, which have expertise in Electronic Surveillance Technology field through whom we keep abreast with the latest technology available in the Electronic Securing field. The Company is in-depth knowledge of Electronic security systems and offers the same to our clients according their necessities.

Mall / Multiplex / Retail Security

We understand that a security required for the Mall / Multiplex / Retailers has to have some additional individuality accept than just having security knowledge.
The Security Personnel should have that hospitality to greet and welcome the customers with a smile and concurrently keep an eagle eye on the customers to evade any sort of thefts. The security personnel should be polite and well-mannered to all the customers entering the premises. Security is the one who define the rules made by the management and delivers it to the customers. Similarly the presentation and the uniform of the personnel also play a very important role for your organization's likeness.
We take great pride in stating that we have made a point to train our Mall / Multiplex / Retail Security personnel according to the said education and take an effort to inculcate the same, so can act accordingly. Apart from this they are all trained for the basic Security requirements like fire fighting, basic self defenses, first aid application etc.

Recruitment and Training of Personnel

Every individual employed with Anu V Security Services has to undergo rigorous training for 20 days. The selected candidate is taken through 100 hours of classroom training and 60 hours of field training. The ex-service man and police personnel selected with us have to undergo only condensed form of classroom training of 40 hours and field training of 16 hours because of the prior training obtained in their services.

The training includes the following modules discipline :-

  • Conduct in public and correct wearing of uniforms.

  • Physical Fitness Training.

  • Physical security, security of the assets, security of the building or apartment, personnel security, household security.

  • Fire Fighting.

  • Crowd Control.

  • Examining identification papers including identity cards, passport and smartcards.

  • Identification of improvised explosive devices.

  • First aid.

  • Crisis response and disasters management.

  • Defensive driving.

  • Handling and operation of non prohibited weapons and firearms.

  • Badges of rank in police and military forces.

  • Identification of different types of arms use in public and police.

  • Use of security equipments and devices.

  • Leadership and management for supervisors only.

Our Evolution

Having a team of highly experienced, foreign trained private detectives operating all over the Maharashtra we are thorough with old school value's and cutting edge techniques, always looking for a challenge and think "out of the box." Our security personnel and investigators are fully insured, have years of experience and receive continuous education in their field of expertise...

Your premises can be guarded by our security personnel. We provide trained security personnel to factories, housing societies and all those places where security duties are involved..

Our foundation and our roots are in providing security services. Ever since 1990s, we have strived hard to give our clients excellent service.

Our business expanded rapidly from 1995 when we started providing manpower services to banks, and special services to VIPs of Multinational Companies. In 1998 we took a step forward in our Security Servicesincorporating security systems that would identify potential dangers, e.g. theft, sabotage, subversion, industrial espionage, violent crimes, intrusions and burglary.

Anu V Security Services expertise is based on experience, professional approach and continued up gradation of technology to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of service. A combination of highly trained personnel and the most advanced security systems enable us to offer comprehensive security to protect our clients, their premises and their ssets.

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